1 : Who is Tron?

1 : Tron is “Technology Revolution On-Net” - a convergence telecommunication and interactive portal that will transform the entire landscape of home communication, mobile and Internet cyber-world. Tron tagline is “Life.On” that brings the message of Tron services that enables the future lifestyle of our community via Tron state-of-the-art platform.

It is the brainchild of Talk Focus Sdn Bhd, a leading-edge Internet, communications and technology solutions provider. (Please visit us at for more info)


2 : Does 011 belongs to Tron?

2 : No, 011 is a universal number for all operators, Tron 011 numbering block is based on a specific range allocated by Regulator. (Please visit Currently Tron’s prefix begins from 011-167X XXXX.


3 : Does Tron offer a Post-paid plan or Prepaid plan?

3 : Advance Pay (Prepaid plan with postpaid features, e.g. auto reload, e-billing, and etc)


4: What is the minimum age to Subscriber this Prepaid plan?

4 : The minimum age is 12 years old.


5 : What are Tron Customer Careline numbers, its operation hours and the call rates?

5 : For all matters related to Voice and Data, please call 014-337 6666, operational hours are from 7am till 11pm daily. (RM 0.30 per minute from any Tron network, for other networks normal telco rate applies)

For Tron Value Added Services enquiries, please dial 1 300 800 188 between 10am to 10pm daily for further assistance. (RM 0.30 per minute from any Tron network, for other networks normal telco rate applies)


6 : Upon inserting the new Tron SIM card into my smart phone/iPhone, why does the signal bar shows DiGi instead of Tron as the service provider?

6 : Because Tron as a service provider is leveraging on DiGi’s network to provide network access, you may see “DiGi” as the network provider ID when you insert your Tron SIM card into certain smartphones or iPhone.


7 : Does Tron offer MMS service?

7 : Yes we do.


8 : How do I activate my Tron SIM card for the first time?

8 :

  1. Make a first call from your phone to any valid number

  2. You will then receive a welcome SMS from Tron

  3. End

9 : How do I activate my Tron self-care portal account for the first time?

9 :

  1. Log on to and click First Time Login

  2. Key in your mobile number, temporary password (1234) and submit

  3. You will then receive a verification code via SMS from Tron

  4. Key in your verification code and click OK

  5. Enter your preferred new password and re-enter new password to confirm

  6. Update your profile (remember to key in your legitimate e-mail and the answer for your secret question)

  7. End

10 : What if I have forgotten my password?

10 :

  1. Log on to and click “Forgot Your Password”

  2. Key in your mobile number and enter your e-mail address, and a temporary password will be sent to your email and SMS (RM 0.50 per SMS charges applies).

  3. Log in using the temporary pass which has been sent to you.

  4. Update your new password in your Profile

  5. End

11 : How can I retrieve my PUK code?

11 : The PUK code is printed on the SIM card frame, alternatively you can also contact our Customer Service personnel for help or visit our Tron Concept Store.

12 : What is PUK?

12 : PUK stands for PIN Unlock Key and it is used to unblock your SIM card after you've keyed in the wrong PIN code 3 times on your mobile. Each SIM card has a unique PUK number that is assigned to it.

13 : What are the packages available at Tron?

13 : We have 2 packages, namely Tron Beon Lite and Tron Beon Infinite.


14 : Where can I purchase reload coupon/e-reload?

14 :

a. Tron Concept Store

Sunway Pyramid outlet

Lot F1.27, 1st Floor Sunway Pyramid,

No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,

46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


b. Tron Authorised Premium Reseller

Tropicana City Mall outlet

Lot L2-15, Tropicana City Mall

No. 3, Jalan SS20/27,

47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


c. Partners such as Mobility One and e-Pay channels below.

  1. Major Petrol Station

  2. Pos Malaysia

  3. Tesco

  4. Guardian

  5. Giant

  6. 99 Speed Mart

  7. myNews

  8. Watson

  9. HSL

  10. KK Supermarket


d. On-line Channel Payment (Visa/Master)

e. Bank ATMs (please refer to our website for participating Banks)


15 : What is the denomination amount for Tron Talktime reload?

15 :

a. RM10 (coupon and soft-pin)

b. RM20 (only soft-pin)

c. RM30 (coupon and soft-pin)

d. RM50 (only soft-pin)



16 : Does Tron Talktime reload have any expiry period? And what is the account life cycle?

16 : Once Subscriber reloads after first activation date, the validity date will commence from the reload day until the end of the 365 days for all denominations.


Account Life Cycle


Validity and Reload Validity


The active period upon first call is 365 days. If user reloads after first activate day, the validity date will count from the reload day until 365 days for all the denominations

(RM 10.00, RM 20.00, RM 30.00 and RM 50.00). For example, user activates the SIM card at 1st Jan, 2011, the expiry date will be 31st Dec, 2011. However, if the user reloads at 5th Jan, 2011, the validity will be until 4th Jan, 2012.

17 : What is Tron Talktime ?

17 : Tron Talktime is a Talk Time used for voice, SMS, MMS and data.


18 : How do I reload my Tron Talktime using coupon/e-reload?

18 :

Option 1 - Key in *123*<16-digit reload number># press call/send

Example : *123*<1234567890123456># press call/send

Option 2 – Call 014 669 9999 from your Tron mobile and follow the instruction

Option 3 – UMB Reload

Step 1 : Key in *129# can press call

Step 2 : Select 2 for reload

Step 3 : Follow the instructions to reload

19 : How do I check my Tron Talktime credit balance?

19 :

a.) Via USSD – key in *129*1*2# on your phone and send

b.) Via Tron Self Care portal - e-Billing

20 : Does Tron Cash reload have any expiry period?

20 : Yes, your Tron Cash reload validity will follow your Tron Talktime validity and your status must remain active as well.

21 : What happens if there is Tron Cash balance in my account after I have suspended my account with Tron?

21 : Within one month after suspension date, Subscriber has to write in officially to Tron to request for a refund* on the balance amount in my Tron account. Terms and conditions apply*.

22 : What is Tron Cash ?

22 : Tron Cash is a virtual credit used for purchasing MMP e-Vouchers, Tron Talktime, digital contents, payment of utilities, and it is transferable within the Tron community.

23 : What is Tron e-Wallet?

23 : It’s an electronic wallet which acts a depository to store your Tron Cash as a virtual credit in the Subscriber account.

24 : If I have a dispute on the reload Tron Talktime amount, what do I do?

24 : Contact our Voice and Data Services number (014-337 6666)

25 : If I have a dispute on the reload Tron Cash and Tron Talktime amount, what do I do?

25 : Contact our Value Added Services number (1 300 800 188)

26 : Where can I see all the itemized billing of all my daily transaction (e.g. making calls, SMS usage, purchasing MMP e-Vouchers, contents)?

26 : All usage will be itemized in your e-billing statement.

27 : Am I able to view all my previous itemized monthly billing from the self-care portal?

27 : Yes, the itemized bills will only show the latest 3 months usage.

28 : Does Tron mail out any physical itemized bill to my correspondent address?

28 : No, Tron does not practice mailing any hard copy bills out to our Subscribers. Please log in to Tron website to view your bills.

29 : Does Tron has international roaming services?

29 : Not at the moment, however you can send and receive international SMS.

30 : Can I replace my lost/damaged SIM card ? And where can I get a replacement SIM card?

30 : Yes you can, please immediately report your lost SIM card incident to our Customer Service Representative to suspend your SIM services. This is to further prevent loss of your Tron Talktime. But there is a replacement fee of RM 10.00 incurred. SIM card replacement can be done at Tron Concept Store and Tron Premium Resellers.

31 : Can I retrieve all my lost/damaged data from my SIM card?

31 : No, you will need to have a backup in advance.

32 : Can I transfer my Tron phone number to another person?

32 : No, all Tron phone numbers are not allowed to perform change of ownership.

33 : Can I deactivate my voicemail and the miss call alert with Tron? If yes, how do I perform this?

33 : Yes, both can be deactivated.

i.) Key in *129#

ii.) Select 5 for Mobile Services

iii.) Key in 3 for voicemail

iv.) Select 4 for Voicemail & MCA (Missed Call Activation) to deactivate it

v.) Select confirm

vi.) End

34 : Does Tron has any 3G Video Call?

34 : No, not at the moment.

35 : Does Tron have any Friends and Family special package? If yes, how do I register for it?

35 : Yes, Tron allows you to link up to 12 Tron Subscribers and 3 Subscribers from other network. To register, please follow the instructions below;

i.) Key in *129#

ii.) Select 3 for Friends and Family

iii.) Select 1 for (number from same operator) or select 2 for (number from different operator)

iv.) Select 88 for (add number)

v.) Key in MSISDN (phone number)

36 : Will I be charged for exceeding the total numbers allowed in the Friends and Family list?

36 : Yes, registration of the first 15 numbers is free of charge and you’re allowed to have 5 free complimentary changes, with 4 Tron network and 1 other network. Any subsequent change of numbers will be charged RM 2.00 each.

37 : Can I change or remove the numbers on my Friends and Family list after they have been registered? How do I do it?

37 : Yes you may, please follow the instruction below;

a.) Key in *129#

b.) Select 3 for Friends and Family

c.) Select 1 for (number from same operator) or select 2 for (number from different operator)

d.) Select MSISDN (phone number)

e.) Select 1 to confirm delete

f.) End

38 : Does Tron has International Direct Dial (IDD)?

38 : Yes we have, please visit ( under Product and Services for more information.

39 : What is the coverage area of Tron network?

39 : Please visit our ( ) under 3G Coverage Map for more information.

40 : If I wish to keep my existing Tron number and upgrade from Tron Beon Lite to Tron Beon Infinite, how do I do it?

40 : Yes you can, please visit our Tron Concept Store and Tron Premium Reseller to upgrade.

41 : Is there any charges involved when I upgrade my services?

41 : Yes, you will need to pay RM 78 for upgrading to enjoy the full benefits being a Tron Beon Infinite member.

42 : What will happen to all my purchased contents and Tron points earned in my initial account?

42 : Should remain the same even if I upgrade the services.

43 : During upgrade, what will happen to all my purchased Tron points earned and contents purchased in my Tron Beon Lite Account?

43 : The purchased contents and Tron points earned will not be forfeited and remains in the active account.

44 : What is Pay As You Use (PAYU) on the Internet data connection?

44 : The (PAYU) Internet data connection is part of the service as a default, if you are using any service which requires data connection, you will be charged accordingly as "Pay As You Use" condition as stated in the Subscriber Term & Conditions (Clause 5.10). If you wish to disable this function in the future, you may call the Data and Voice Customer Careline (014-337 6666) or disable it via your phone settings.

45 : Where do I perform transfer for Tron Cash?

45 : By Web, Mobile or any Internet capable devices on Tron portal.

46 : If I perform Tron Cash transfer to another active Tron Subscriber, is there any limit and charges incurred?

46 : No, there is no limit and charges incurred.

47 : Is there any maximum withdrawal Tron Cash amount? If yes, are there any charges?

47 : Yes, a maximum withdrawal limit is Tron Cash (TC 1,000.00 only, per day) and there is an 8% of the total amount being withdrawn shall be incurred as service charge by Tron.

48 : Where can I withdraw Tron Cash?

48 : All participating banks with MEPS feature. Please refer to our website

49 : Is there any minimum transfer Tron Cash amount?

49 : No, there is no limit of transfer, but with the condition that there must be a balance of Tron Cash RM 4.00 to enable this feature.

50 : Can I transfer Tron Talktime to a non Tron Subscriber?

50 : No, Talktime transfer is only applicable for Tron to Tron Subscribers.

MMP (Mobile Merchant Platform)

51 : What is MMP?

51 : Mobile Merchant Platform (MMP) is a leading mobile deal finder with interesting featured discounts ranging from F&B, fashion, pampering spa sessions to endless merchant perks & unbelievable promotions. Wherever you see the Tron logo, look out for promotions!

52 : What if I didn’t redeemed the purchased e-Vouchers from the MMP within its validity period?

52 : The MMP e-Vouchers purchased will be forfeited.

53 : What if I have purchased the e-Voucher and together my credit has been deducted for it, but the e-Voucher code is not sent to my mobile at all?

53 : Our e-Voucher SMS/MMS is 99.9% deliverable, if there is any dispute, please contact our Customer Service for Value Added Services (VAS) 1 300 800 188 for assistance.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

54 : What is MNP?

54 : Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the ability for mobile Subscriber to switch to a new mobile service provider, while retaining their existing mobile number.

Before Porting

55 : How can I port? And is there any charges incurred?

55 : Step 1: You will have to go to Tron Concept Store or Tron Premium Reseller to request for number porting.

Step 2: Fill in a Service Registration Form, and please select your preferred Tron package;

Option 1 – Subscriber selects Tron Beon Lite package

Subscribers only need to pay RM 10.00 for the admin fee. Tron Beon Lite package will be given free at no cost.

Option 2 - Subscriber selects Tron Beon Infinite package

If Subscriber select to port over to Tron Beon Infinite package, Subscriber will need to only pay RM 88.00, the RM 10.00 admin fee will be waived.

Step 3: You can begin to use the new SIM card after porting duration.

Step 4 : End

56 : What is the porting duration?

56 : It will take maximum 3 working days.

57 : Which mobile operators are eligible to port into Tron?

57 : Currently all mobile operators except DiGi, Happy and DiGi Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) are not able to port over. However by the first quarter of 2012, all the above [DiGi, Happy and DiGi Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)] will be allowed to be ported over upon completion of integration.

58 : What are the conditions for porting to Tron?

58 : i.) No outstanding amount.

ii.) No outstanding contract obligations.

iii.) Account at your existing mobile operator remains active

iv.) If you have more than 10 active mobile numbers with Tron and DiGi combined, you’re not allowed to port any additional number anymore.

After Porting

59 : Who should I call for any enquires on MNP?

59 : You can contact our Voice and Data Customer Service number 014-337 6666

60 : Do I need to settle my outstanding bill with my previous operator?

60 : Yes, you need to settle all your outstanding bills with your previous operator.

61 : How do I perform a Tron Talktime transfer via mobile phone ?

61 : Via UMB (USSD Menu Browser) menu

a.) Key in *129# and press call

b.) Select 4 and reply

c.) Select the amount to be transferred

d.) Please enter recipient’s mobile number to do the Talk Time transfer

e.) Press 1 to confirm

f.) End

62 : Is there any maximum transfer Tron Talktime amount? If yes, are there any charges for it?

62 : Yes, there is a maximum of RM 30.00 per month with RM 0.25 service charge fee to each party. But you must have a minimum balance of RM 10.00 in your active account after the transfer.

63 : Is there any minimum transfer Tron Talktime amount? If yes, are there any charges for it?

63 : Yes, RM 5.00 is the minimum amount, RM 0.25 service charge fee to each party. But you must have a minimum balance of RM 10.00 in your active account after the transfer process.

64 : Does transferring Tron Talktime earn me any Tron points?

64 : No, Tron Talktime transfer do not earn you any Tron points.

65 : Can I transfer Tron Talktime to a non Tron Subscriber?

65 : No, transfer is only applicable for only Tron to Tron Subscriber.


66 : What is Tronfone?

66 : It’s a fixed wireless phone operating on GSM/UMTS (SIM card)

67 : Is Tronfone free?

67 : No, however Tron Beon Lite and Infinite member are entitled to purchase Tronfone with a special discount voucher.

68 : How can I get this Tronfone once I’m a Tron Subscriber?

68 : Tronfone stock is currently not available at the moment. Subscribers may get it at our Tron Concept Stores and Tron Premium Reseller.

69 : What are the advantages of a Tronfone compared to a fixed line phone?

69 :

a.) Because there is no monthly rental cost incurred.

b.) It does not require any phone cables.

c.) It can receive and send SMS. It can receive voicemail.

d.) You’re able to reload your credit and perform Talktime transfer through Tronfone. Check credit balance. It performs almost like a mobile phone.

70 : Does it have warranty period and for how long?

70 : Yes, it has 1 year service warranty period from the time of purchase.

71 : Can I just purchase the Tronfone without signing up with Tron?

71 : No, you must subscribe to any of Tron packages that comes with the Tronfone Cash Voucher RM 100.00.

Tron Points

72 : What is Tron Points?

72 : Tron Points are points earned by Subscribers upon usage of Tron Cash, points are collected to be used as an exchange value to redeem Tron Gifts and Merchant products from our portal (

73 : How do I get to check my Tron points balance?

73 : Subscriber can check their Tron point balance by login to


  2. Under “Redemption” module

74 : How do I earn Tron points?

74 :

a.) When you use Tron Cash to purchase MMP e-Vouchers, e-Contents, every RM 1.00 spent, you will be rewarded with 1 Tron points.

b.) When reloading Talktime via Softpin, Reload coupon, e-Reload coupon and every RM 1.00 reloaded will be rewarded with 1 Tron point.

c.) When you reload Talktime via Tron Cash, every RM 1.00 loaded will earn you double points! E.g. RM 1.00 = 2 Tron points!

75 : Does Tron points has any expiry period?

75 : Tron points accumulated does not have any expiry period, however all Tron points will be forfeited if the account is terminated.

76 : What is Tron Express all about?

76 : With Tron Express you will be given the opportunity to combine your Tron Points with Tron Cash to purchase or redeem various and exciting gifts from our wide range of selected products from our portal. However usage of Tron Cash here to top up the additional amount needed will not earn them any Tron points.

77 : Under what scenario will the Subscriber “not” able to earn Tron points?

77 : a.) Transferring Tron Talktime or Tron Cash to other Tron Subscribers

b.) Paying utility bills such as Astro, TNB, Syabas bill via Tron platform

c.) Reloading Tron Cash into their account

d.) Using Tron Cash as part of the transaction for Tron Express to redeem Tron Gifts

Personal Accident (PA) Insurance

78 : When is this PA Insurance activated?

78 : Upon the activation of the Tron account (Tron SIM Card) Subscriber is required to activate the PA Insurance at in order to enjoy the benefits.

79 : How it’s considered activated?

79 : After the activation successfully done, an SMS will be sent and policy will be mailed to Subscriber.

80 : What does this 1 year PA Insurance covers?

80 : This policy provides 24 hours worldwide protection against accident resulting in accidental death, permanent disablement, temporary total disablement up to the amount of RM 10,000.00.

81 : Can I transfer the PA insurance ownership to another 3rd party?

81 : No, this policy is NON-TRANSFERABLE.

82 : Will I get a policy delivered to my address?

82 : Yes, after the activation successfully done. Policy will be mailed to Subscriber.

83 : Where can I perform my claims?

83 : Kindly contact the Tokio Marine’s Customer Careline as printed on the Insurance card when you purchase the Tron Beon Infinite with the Master Policy number shall any claims occur.

Holiday packages

84 : How can I enjoy this Holiday Ground Accommodation benefits?

84 : Activated at for activation and you will be guide to book on the desired date to enjoy this privilege for 2 person.

85 : Where can I start to place the booking? And how can I get confirmation that my room is secured?

85 : You need to place the booking 3 months in advance and you are require to provide 3 different desired dates with each date chosen must 2 weeks apart. Once the booking is confirmed, an email will be sent on confirmation. For more information, kindly contact the Customer Careline details printed behind the voucher.

86: Can I still change my dates once my booking is confirmed?

86 : Yes, you are allowed to make amendments to the name, changes of date or destination on the booking with a minimum advance of fourteen (14) days from the initial confirmed travelling date.

87 : Can I transfer this voucher of 4D3N FREE holiday ground accommodation to another person?

87 : Yes, you are allowed to transfer this voucher to another third party with the same Terms & Conditions applied to enjoy the benefits.

88 : Does the package include any travelers insurance?

88 : No, it is not included, however its encouraged that the person purchase their personal travel insurance while traveling.


89 : What if I have terminated my Tron account before I could go for the holiday which I have booked and confirmed on? Will I still be entitled for the trip?

89 : Yes, you’re still entitled, as long as you have activated this benefit and also obtaining the booking confirmation.